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TCA Clinical Research Ltd. is a privately owned Israeli company representing more than 20 years experience in addressing the clinical trial needs of both local and international pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and CRO companies.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At TCA Clinical Research Ltd., we believe that properly performed clinical research plays a crucial role in advancing medical knowledge and patient care.

Committed to this principle we pledge best working practices and accountability to ensure a successful, reliable and integrated clinical trial process.Our expertise and customer-focused approach helps every client navigate an increasing complex landscape of global and local regulations and tightening budgets.

We strive to:

  • Act as your trusted contact and established operational arm in Israel

  • Ensure compliance with study budgetary restraints and time-lines

  • Develop personal and long-standing relationships, as well as direct lines of communication with our clients, investigators and onsite medical teams

  • Deliver consistently high-end services and trusted best practices

  • Support the clinical trial throughout with creative strategies and proven solutions

CEO & Founder

Tzippi Cohen Aharonson

CEO & Founder

Tzippi Cohen Aharonson was born and educated in Israel, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (cum laude) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem and then a Masters in Neuro-Biochemistry (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University. Her clinical research career began in 1996 and included senior positions for Quintiles Transnational Ltd. and Pharmanet Ltd.

Tzippi founded TCA Clinical Research Ltd. in 2006. Acting as CEO and manager for the company, Tzippi also fulfills her passion for onsite clinical research by offering personal freelance services. Tzippi has built a respected reputation in setting up and managing successful international and local clinical trials that comply with ICH GCP compliance. Tzippi is personally involved in every project ensuring adherence to the strictest quality and safety standards from conception through to implementation.

Tzippi's expertise reflects decades of experience, reaching across the following therapeutic areas – Oncology, Gastroenterology, Respiratory, Nephrology, Gene Therapy, Cardiovascular, Ophthalmology, Metabolic Disorders, Hematology, Hepatology, Pulmonary, Rheumatology, Psychiatry and Neurology.

Our Services


Project Management

A professional and effective project manager is crucial to the success of your clinical trial.


Regulatory Affairs

TCA has an excellent track record in submitting meticulous Ministry of Health, EC and CA regulatory submissions.


Clinical Monitoring & Site Management

This highly regarded TCA service is led by industry experts with significant academic training and therapeutic knowledge.


Our Services

Feasibility & Site Selection

This highly regarded TCA service is led by industry experts with significant academic training and therapeutic knowledge.


Informed Consent Development

TCA's reputation is built upon strong

and trusted relationships with investigators and sites.

Why Israel?
israel copy.jpg

Why Israel?

We are open for collaboration with CRO companies that do not have representation in Israel.


Israel is globally renowned as a leading innovator in medical development and quality healthcare. This fact is validated by the very respected and accomplished local medical community, high medical standards, and extensive international success for a multitude of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Over the years, Israel has emerged as a popular site for conducting medical trials since it offers:

  • Easy investigator and patient recruitment in most therapeutic areas

  • Professional medical centers that meet the highest standards and regulatory criteria

  • A majority of multilingual GCP trained investigators, study staff and clinical site personnel

  • Support for Electronic Data Capturing (EDC) and other advanced technological tools

  • Short approval process cycles

  • Reduced study costs as compared with Europe and North America

  • Full patient coverage by the national social security system

Many international pharmaceutical companies repeatedly sponsor clinical trials in Israel. They report efficiency, well managed timelines and generally lower costs compared to Western Europe and the USA.

TCA Clinical Research Ltd. is ideally positioned, with long-standing investigator relationships throughout the country, as well as deep familiarity with regional medical centers, procedures and language. Our excellent and trusted local reputation ensures faster and cost-effective results.



What is a CRO?

A CRO is an independent organization that provides defined research services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries to help answer their specific health or scientific questions. A CRO is fully focused on the clinical trials process, usually entering the development process once a client has identified a promising new molecule or prototype. The CRO will then activate their extensive expertise and professional network in this field to organize, conduct and evaluate clinical trials and provide an objective assessment in a clinical setting.

TCA Clinical Research Limited delivers an entire team of proven professionals with specialist research capabilities. Making use of the wide range of TCA services involves much less risk, cost and time-to-completion than applying the client’s own internal resources and staff. What’s more, many research projects may demand particular areas of experience, skills and access to resources that are either scarce or absent in the client’s organization or region. TCA saves clients significant resources when analyzing regional and even site-specific trial feasibility, as well as contributing a deep insight into local site, investigator, patient recruitment and regulatory practices.


Our extensive network, experience and training covering a vast range of therapeutic areas provides specialist knowledge that ensures your project’s outcome is successful. Added to this we assess every project for early identification and resolution of any elements or procedures that could delay or hinder the trials’ implementation and smooth operation.

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Tzur Moshe, 4281000 Israel

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