Site Contract & Budget Negotiation

At TCA we work closely with the sponsor to generate successful Clinical Trial Agreements (CTA) and site contracts (based on sponsors' own standard templates or alternative templates, subject to negotiation). The agreements guarantee key milestones throughout the process are reached. In addition they define the roles and responsibilities of all trial participants, crucial to ensuring full disclosure, assigning risk and accountability, as well as financial commitments. Final agreements comprising the terms and conditions which are mutually acceptable to all parties are vetted by TCA's legally trained specialists. Streamlining the negotiation of clinical trial agreements allows short timelines, tightening budgets and heavy regulatory stipulations to all be accommodated, while protecting the control of data and confidentiality of information.

TCA also plays a central role in budget negotiations and management. Using our established and extensive internal database of procedures and costs we help customers develop an accurate clinical trial budget. Automating large sections of budgetary management including contract negotiations, realistic payment schedules and detailed financial administration allows a more efficient and cost-effective clinical trials process. Our dedicated focus on site activation, together with the business and financial management side of clinical trials ensures a smoother, faster trial that engenders good will among investigators and significant satisfaction from sponsors.