Why Israel

We are open for collaboration with CRO companies that do not have representation in Israel.

Israel is globally renowned as a leading innovator in medical development and quality healthcare. This fact is validated by the very respected and accomplished local medical community, high medical standards, and extensive international success for a multitude of pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

Over the years, Israel has emerged as a popular site for conducting medical trials since it offers:

  • Easy investigator and patient recruitment in most therapeutic areas
  • Professional medical centers that meet the highest standards and regulatory criteria
  • A majority of multilingual GCP trained investigators, study staff and clinical site personnel
  • Support for Electronic Data Capturing (EDC) and other advanced technological tools
  • Short approval process cycles
  • Reduced study costs as compared with Europe and North America
  • Full patient coverage by the national social security system

Many international pharmaceutical companies repeatedly sponsor clinical trials in Israel. They report efficiency, well managed timelines and generally lower costs compared to Western Europe and the USA.

TCA Clinical Research Ltd. is ideally positioned, with long-standing investigator relationships throughout the country, as well as deep familiarity with regional medical centers, procedures and language. Our excellent and trusted local reputation ensures faster and cost-effective results.